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Seasoft PRO Ankle Weights image-1

Seasoft PRO Ankle Weights

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The SEASOFT PRO Ankle weights are made of DINA-HIDE neoprene, one of the strongest abrasion resistant neoprenes made. SEASOFT Ankle Weights are the best selling ankle weights in the world. We make more sizes and colors of ankle weights than anyone else. Ankle weights are an important part of a diver’s total weighting system for these reasons: 1) Your diving position is important to good diving skills. Considering that water is 800 times more dense than air means that having less drag and resistance is crucial in saving air and bottom time. Increased drag will also slow you down and cause excess fatigue. Many divers, especially women, tend to be a little short-waisted. This means that the weights in your BC or on your weight belt tend to be closer to your head. When this is true, it will push your upper body down and cause your legs to rise up causing unnecessary drag. Ankle weights will take some of this weight off the waist area and down to the ankles, putting your body in a more correct, horizontal position. 2) Drysuit divers require ankle weights because the legs of a drysuit are filled with air. This results is the legs want to float up. Because the horizontal position for a diver is so vital to efficient diving, ankle weights are needed to bring your legs down. 3) Snorkelors will benefit from 1 lb. ankle weights. They are popular with snorkelors because they help a snorkelors’ fin position on the surface. Ankle weights put your fins underwater where they are designed to be. Many people surface swim with their fins slapping the surface instead of being in the water. Sold as pair